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Aviation Software specialises in dynamic software for the Australian aviation industry - it has been established for almost 20 years. Our premier product is Duty and Flight Times which has become the standard in the Australian aviation industry. It is also used extensively in New Zealand, Malaysia, PNG and other countries. For more information please click here. If you have specialised requirements or suggestions for DFT or any of our applications then let us know here.
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CAO 48.1 Appendices

Over the past few months there has been many enquiries regarding the changes to the CAO 48.1 appendices. In due course DFT will support all of the new appendices.

You may be aware that CASA has now amended 48.1 appendix 4 and appendix 5 to include parts A and B. This will cause considerable delays as Duty & Flight Times will have to be re-written to support these changes. Our current intention is to commence work with appendix 4, then appendix 5, 1, 2 and finally the remaining. This will take several months to complete so please be patient.

CASA has advised that AOC holders must be compliant by May 1 2017.


DFT 10.3 / CAO 48.1 - Appendix 4 Just Released!

CAO 48.1 - Appendix 4 has just been released for DFT v10.4 which includes full support for all of Appendix 4, single-pilot operations. DFT also supports running Appendix 5 in conjunction with Appendix 4. Click here to upgrade.